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Don’t miss that next opportunity

Your business card represents you and your company. It is quite often the first piece of marketing material you will leave with a potential or new client, and if it is well designed, they will keep it for your on-going contact details. One of the best ways to gain new customers is through recommendation, and supplying business cards can help make you instantly more referable. It gives your client the ability to follow up with you following a meeting; it allows you to share with them instantly your contact details, including your website, social media contacts and details of your service. It can also act as silent sales person for you, carrying on working even when you are no longer in the room. A quality business card shows that you are a professional, especially if it features a bespoke branded design produced by an experienced graphic designer company, such as Joanne Wood Design. Designer Jo Wood has nearly 20-years experience producing high quality business card designs from concept through to print and delivery. If you partake in business-growing network events you really need your business card to standout from the crowd, and a bespoke business card will do that, as we can tailor it, and the message on it, to your business. Our cards not only contain your company’s name and contact details, it can also include your key skills or areas of business, plus we can also include images – think of your business card acting like a mini sales leaflet! Random encounters can happen all the time and you never know when you will meet your next major business customer, or supplier, make sure you have a quality and professional-looking business card from Joanne Wood Design with you at all times – and don’t miss that next opportunity.


Joanne Wood Design Ltd are based in Romford, Essex/East London. Please be reassured that we do not send out any business card designs, to be done by third party companies – our skilled and creative designer, Jo Wood, undertakes all design work within the UK. Jo has nearly 20-years experience producing designs for small businesses, multi-national companies, local authorities and registered charities. She will listen to your briefing, research your market area, and then design and deliver the perfect business card design for your business or charitable organisation. At every stage she will work directly with you to ensure that your business card design follows the vision that you have for your business. She will work on your business card design until you love it!

Contact us now to get started, email or call 07538199816.



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